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Brothers in arms, Elie and Alain Bou Boutros conceived and established their business TOMMY FASHION SUNGLASSES TRADING L.L.C in Lebanon, 2002. Some years later in 2006 they chose to relocate to Dubai, due to the regions remarkable credentials as a progressive global trading hub, and for it being renowned as a cosmopolitan emirate comprised of a vibrant mix of different nationalities. 

Identifying a market niche, they have developed their business and product by working on diverse creative projects from which their latest is FASHIONTV EYEWEAR along with designer and creative director Hiba Kadri.

July 2014 witnessed the announcement of TOMMY FASHION being the new and sole licensee of FASHIONTV to produce and market an original line of sunglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses across new media channels, as well as to distribute the products within specified locations globally. 

The collaboration between FashionTV and Tommy Fashion fosters the brand value of the two companies and has created a fabulous new entity that is passionate about its products.  

Drawing from an immense wealth of knowledge and expertise, they now pride themselves in providing you with superior optical care, top-notch quality and the iconic designs of frames and sunglasses to match.

With a clear vision and a fresh look, every year, new models and designs are to be released in the market in many colors and color combinations, following the newest trends and demands of the fashion conscious clientele.

This collection has more than 100 designs in more than 10 colors from each giving our ftv customers all the choices they could ask for.